Two of our companies here at WCIC  have made the list of the 12 most promising tech start-ups in Wales, and the potential chance to receive additional tech investment.

Codeherent and Talkative  – both finalists of the Digital Dozen accelerator programme, will be heading to the London Stock Exchange on Thursday 2nd November 2017 to take part in an investor showcase event, and will pitch their innovative technology ideas for potential investment and sales opportunities.

Codeherent and Talkative have received support from Innovation Point in preparation for the investment pitch next month. As deserving finalists of Digital Dozen, they have been given the opportunities to attend valuable networking events and introductions, one-to one mentoring and pitch training.

Here’s what our companies have to say:

“Being part of the Digital Dozen, the events, connections and PR that’s accessible, has given us great opportunity to promote our exciting value proposition for businesses. We offer an opportunity to develop software faster, cheaper and with less risk by using the Codeherent platform.

Our inclusion in this process has gained us endorsement and recognition of what we’re doing as a startup. We also hope for this to benefit our marketing abilities.

The tailored support package Digital Dozen has offered us includes a selection of experienced well connected mentors, of whom we hope to learn from in order to grow our business faster and remove any fragility.” 

Jordan Alexander, Co-Founder at Codeherent


“We’re pleased to be pitching in front of potential customers, partners and investors as part of the TechWales event in London. Wales is a hub for innovative technology, ranging from 5G testbeds to technology incubators that produce disruptive technology startups. It’s important to create awareness of what Wales is doing and commercialise this technology. London is the financial capital of the world, so the London Stock Exchange is an exciting backdrop to show off Talkative and the rest of the Digital Dozen companies.”

Felix Winstone, Director of Talkative

The event next week sounds very promising, with guest speakers and investors who will share their success stories.

Last year we saw two other Alacrity Foundation Graduate and Wesley Clover funded companies make it to Digital Dozen 2016.

Echosec – experts in geo-targeted social media intelligence and Learnium – SaaS social learning platform that enables communication, and collaboration between students and teachers.

We hope to see more of our community get involved in these projects. This will benefit them directly as well as the Tech industry in Wales.