Codeherent & Admiral

Pioneers of Integrating Online Sales with Sophisticated Call Centres Choose Codeherent to Manage Software Testing

About Admiral

Admiral is a FTSE 100 company operating in the financial services sector. It has introduced many industry innovations and has disintermediated parts of the industry by pioneering the integration of online sales and marketing with a sophisticated call centre operation. The operations are supported by an advanced IT infrastructure and several hundred software engineers. The ability to manage and deploy software upgrades and features are critical to the maintenance of the business’ competitive position. Working with the Admiral’s Head of IT and his colleagues Codeherent created a product that met all customer requirements.      

Admiral’s Challenge

The challenge for Codeherent was to identify sources of friction in the software design and deployment process. A number of issues were identified, including the need for enhanced visibility and product management and closer integration with the legacy enterprise architecture. 

Advances on these fronts had the potential to reduce downtime, hasten the provisioning process and improve productivity.

Development Cycle Improvements

The Codeherent platform has helped relieve the bottleneck that had arisen as a consequence of the Admiral’s resource configuration. 

The visibility provided by the platform has really helped. It enables us to know where our development teams are in close to real time. As a consequence we are able to detect which resources are available and secure significant time savings. Total transparency of project costs also helps our planning and budgeting. 

From a wider perspective we are gaining greater clarity of what resources we really need. Taking all these circumstances together it means our development cycle is shortened, leading to productivity improvements all of which underpin the Admiral’s competitive position.

Matt Wintle – Head of IT, Admiral

Working with Codeherent

It was essential the on-boarding process was conducted rapidly and minimised the level of interruption to operations. As well as practical tasks such as software installation and staff training it was essential there was wide acceptance of DevOps as a new way of thinking and working. 

Codeherent passed this test because in the words of the Admiral’s Head of IT Matt Wintle: 

“It strikes me this [on-boarding process and training] is one of the areas the Codeherent team has focused on during its development. I can see this being a major differentiator for Codeherent and its platform.

I think this is one of the big issues in the industry. Staff acceptance can certainly be a significant barrier for any organisation when considering new working methods and software.”


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