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Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services (Coca-Cola Bottlers’) is a limited liability company owned by 65+ U.S. independent Coca-Cola Bottlers. CCBSS supports operations for their bottler owners as well as bottler-owned production cooperatives. Since 2003, CCBSS has provided a single voice for the North American Coca-Cola system to customers and suppliers through Customer Business Solutions and Procurement divisions.


Coca-Cola Bottlers’ was looking for a vehicle to recognize employees, celebrate successes, and build cohesion within their organization. They didn’t have any type of formal recognition in place. Kelli Godfrey, Vice President of HR, described the Coca-Cola Bottlers’ culture before adopting CulturVate’s product; Teamphoria, as micro-cultures. Some were family-like, more relaxed and others were more driven and competitive.


Coca-Cola Bottlers’ decided to move forward with Teamphoria from CulturVate because of its overall simplicity and ease of use. It was more contemporary than anything else they looked at. The fact that team members could use their phones to quickly send out recognition helped Coca-Cola Bottlers’ decide on Teamphoria.

The Results

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ utilizes the full Teamphoria platform. Team members sending recognition has contributed to their culture and has made a significant impact. Teamphoria has given visibility into what people are doing within the organization. On the performance side, Coca-Cola Bottlers’ is utilizing the performance review feature as a way to share feedback from manager to employee and as well as feedback from stakeholders. This feedback helps facilitate conversations. Overall Coca-Cola Bottlers’ has enjoyed using Teamphoria a lot.



Kelli Godfrey,
Vice President, HR Coca-Cola Bottlers’

Teamphoria is reasonably priced. It’s nice that they can offer this type of tool without

being a huge burden to your HR budget. It’s a good ROI from the standpoint of

an HR leader.

I would recommend for anyone who is looking for a recognition tool that’s easy to

use. Our folks have a lot of fun with it.

Michelle Horton,
HR Specialist Coca-Cola Bottlers’

The responsiveness and the customer service – that’s been really awesome!

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  • Autumn 2017
  • Coca Cola Bottlers'