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In 2016, Drugaid adopted the Teamphoria platform to cement their core values of employing and retaining passionate and motivated team-players who share their organisational values.

Drugaid provides holistic and therapeutic support and is a leading provider of innovative and quality services within the field of substance misuse. They want their staff to ‘live’ their values and behaviours as they are at the heart of everything that Drugaid does and they adopted the Teamphoria platform to help engage their staff and develop their careers.

At a Glance


• Help meet its needs as support services for substance misuse

• Need for more staff engagement and a communication tool spanning its many locations

• Make communication seamless and more familiar rather than solely with newsletters and team development days


• Increased communication

• Better information sharing

• Staff engaged

• Sharing of ideas and good practices

• Ability to see remote staff pictures and profiles and feeling more a part of the team


• Integrity

• Honesty

• Equality

• Positive attitude

• Empathy

• Trust

• Family


An Interview With

Ifor Glyn
Regional Director, Drugaid Cymru

What was the problem Drugaid experienced before adopting Teamphoria?

No specific problem but as the agency has grown considerably in size over the past few years, we wanted to introduce a system to help us ensure effective communication across the whole agency.  The aim was to improve two-way communication between staff and management. 

Had Drugaid previously tried anything to engage your employees and improve the culture? If so, what?

Previous methods have included, emails, team development days, team meetings and newsletters.

What did you find as a result of adopting the Teamphoria service?

Feedback has generally been very positive with some staff much more enthusiastic about its introduction. However, this was something which we had anticipated, but continue to take steps to improve team engagement. More and more information, announcements etc. are being shared on the Teamphoria platform. 

We have taken a stepped approach and not utilising all of Teamphoria’s functions yet, but we plan to very soon.

If you had to name one thing, what would be the best thing about Teamphoria?

It is very useful to have staff profiles and photos so that all our employees can become more familiar with colleagues in other geographical areas.

On a secondary note, the platform is also very easy to navigate.

What are three other benefits Drugaid employees and the company as a whole have enjoyed as a result of Teamphoria?

Staff buy-in and adoption of the service

Free flow of two-way information

Sharing of good practices and ideas

In which area have you seen the greatest progress in improvement from your team?

At the moment Teamphoria is being used just as an information sharing tool but it has significantly enhanced internal company communication. We are now planning to take this further.

What would you say to anyone considering purchasing Teamphoria and would you recommend it? If so, why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Teamphoria.

It is simple to set up, user friendly and easy to navigate, efficient and friendly support from Teamphoria with a  “can do” attitude, it looks great and will be even better when the system is upgraded to allow for photos. This will definitely get more staff buy-in. It is a brilliant communications tool and initially some work is needed to embed it within our systems and get staff engaged, but this can be done fairly easy with incentives and the kind of messages posted etc.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Drugaid are very happy with the system and looking forward to developing our use of Teamphoria over the coming months and years.

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  • Spring 2017
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