Wesley Clover teams receive on-demand mentorship to support them in what they do best.

Wesley Clover Innovation Centre is a international, technology company hub in Newport, Wales, run by the Chairman of Wesley Clover International, Sir Terry Matthews.
  • 01
    Hut Six is cyber security awareness training that solves the most prevalent cause of security breaches - human error.
  • 02
    Talkative connects customer-facing websites with contact centres through chat, voice, video and co-browsing.
  • 03
    Enjovia is an easy to use gift voucher management system that allows businesses to sell and control their gift experiences and tickets online.
  • 04
    Learnium is an educational technology platform that specialises in collaborative and peer-to-peer assisted learning.
  • 05
    Intuitix is an end-to-end platform for tracking the impact of innovation projects throughout their entire life
  • 06
    Codeherent is a tool for infrastructure as code which allows you to develop, collaborate and provision software through cloud providers.
  • 07
    Persona has developed a platform to enable total visibility and management of acontingent workforce and agencies
  • 08
    Surple is software that helps organisations to optimise their energy use by enabling people to change the way we view energy.
  • 09
    Reworking is a a self-interview app that enables organisations to receive videos of candidates as well as CVs

International Technology Innovation Business.

Wesley Clover's mission is to combine unique on-demand skills and extensive international business knowledge with the ambition of our talented technology companies from our Alacrity global ecosystem.

Wesley Clover owns global Wesley Clover parks and business solutions as well as being an international investor in technology companies to see, find and introduce, new & upcoming entrepreneurship technology players.


All our teams navigate our Alacrity Technology Incubator.

All our teams navigate our Alacrity Technology & Business Incubator.

From our research parks in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to our technology business park and solutions network reviews here in Wales, Wesley Clover see entrepreneurship business solutions as leading drivers in international business success.

Alacrity combines graduate entrepreneurs with world-class mentors to create new hi-tech companies based in Wales

Alacrity is a unique 15 month programme that financially supports its graduates paying a tax-free stipend of £1,500 a month. During this curriculum, practical business training, software skills and mentoring are provided. Alacrity teams develop as entrepreneurs to build their own company by answering problems from health, financial, technology, education, security and construction sectors.

WCIC Tech invests in and scales up graduated Alacrity teams and continues to offer complimentary mentoring

The Wesley Clover portfolio includes a technology incubator and accelerator called the Innovation Centre in the South West of the UK that takes graduated teams from Alacrity. Wesley Clover co-invests in each entrepreneurship company so they can launch their own UK based technology startup companies based out of the Wesley Clover Innovation Centre. Here the mentoring continues connecting with Wesley Clover Parks global business teams for partnership and supported business opportunities.