CulturVate identifies and solves the problem of poor employee management by allowing innovative ideas to connect.


CulturVate solves the problem of poor employee management which costs UK organisations up to £340 billion per year. They do this by creating an environment where ideas can connect.


Innovation is the leading driver to new business opportunities. CulturVate’s Innovation Engine allows employees ideas to be harnessed and leveraged from within, which, through their simple processes anticipate and mitigate the risks involved. 

Capture ideas, add challenges and combine knowledge by allowing unrestricted innovation to create value through better processes and cost reduction. 

Build on the best ideas and evolve them through unique processes that eliminate risk while verifying commercial viability.

Why your business needs CulturVate to enable innovation

Culturvate specialises in developing corporate culture as well as supporting organisations in the conduct of innovation.

CulturVate nurtures and invigorates a company’s most important assets, their employees, and their ability to innovate through two cloud-based platforms. Teamphoria and the Innovation Engine.

  • 01
    Collect ideas
    Encourage an “idea’s” culture within your workforce. Reward employees to maintain higher engagement levels and smoother processes
  • 02
    Collaborate and grow
    Anyone can contribute ideas from anywhere in the organisation. When an idea is submitted employees can track the progress of their idea and contribute to other ideas.
  • 03
    Quick to market
    Keep track of all ideas and comments through the evaluation process, you’ll be able to take the best ideas to market at a much faster rate.

CulturVate's Innovative Products


The Innovation Engine uses a unique process of 'Assess, Audit and Appraise' to enable innovation to happen effectively and efficiently, accelerating the process in bringing new solutions to market.

Collect, Collaborate, Develop and Discover

Capture innovative ideas across your company, set challenges or take suggestions that are peer evaluated. Allow the best ideas to evolve, eliminate risk and check for commercial viability.


Teamphoria creates an incredible culture, centred on recognition and appreciation. When employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions, they are more loyal and happier in their position

Measure and encourage performance

Invest in your employees and help them reach their true potential. Teamphoria allows the setting and measurement of goals, enabling 360° performance reviews.


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