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Enjovia Gift Voucher Management – New Brand, New Team

Enjovia are an established innovative software platform for online gift voucher management. Is it purpose built to service the hospitality and entertainment markets.

Over the last 6 months the new management team has focussed on a new platform being rebuilt from the ground up. The reason for this is to enable cloud-based features and allow analytics & reporting based attributes to be prevalent. This modernising meant new opportunities and customisation to the interface requiring a new design as well as a rebrand being justified.

Old Logo

The original Enjovia logo was looking tired and didn’t speak in the tone of the new features, marketing language and direction. It was a serious logo in an exciting and passionate market place and didn’t reflect the additional emotions of enjoyment and satisfaction, all important in the successful penetration of the gift voucher management market.

New Logo

Enjovia Logo High Res - Gift Voucher Management

Coupled with the new brand, a new senior management team has taken over focussing on new opportunities, growth and increased sales while leveraging the new brand and it’s exciting and playful appeal to help deliver momentum.

Sam Gibson - Enjovia Gift Voucher ManagementThe new senior team, led by Sam Gibson ( has extensive knowledge and experience of the start-up environments through his former role as Business Development Manager and Mentor at Alacrity UK. Sam is assessing, compiling and creating a roadmap for all the new features and sales targets he believes are possible for the rapid growth of Enjovia in the coming years.

Wesley Clover UK and their design and marketing team worked with Enjovia to create a new logo, brand focus, language, website and marketing toolkit which will not only evolve their business, but better allow their products to develop into new opportunities within the gift voucher management and fulfilment space. Focussing on what Enjovia could offer as their USP; a new promotional toolkit was identified to help smaller and medium sized clients harness the power of marketing to enable them to sell more gift vouchers, therefore accruing a larger percentage of revenue for Enjovia.  By using this toolkit, it highlights the benefit and personalised service of Enjovia over every other competitor and also shows the ease of customisation and available assets to help their clients promote themselves.

These are exciting times for Enjovia and their positive team attitude combined with their invigorated branding is pushing a promising future.

About Enjovia

Enjovia enhances your gift voucher offering enabling you to increase the quantity of vouchers you sell as well as reduce your third-party expenditure. Accessed through your website, customers can choose from an unlimited range of categories and products, with a fully responsive and secure checkout.

Enjovia shows you the easy way to gain customer loyalty, increase your brand awareness, gain repeat business and offer something your competitors cannot. From physical exclusive vouchers to digital gifts and merchandise, Enjovia enables a seamless end-to-end solution for all your e-commerce loyalty needs.

Please visit to see some of their new branding in action and to get in touch.

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