Hut Six is cyber security awareness training that solves the most prevalent cause of security breaches - human error.


The cloud-based solution enables clients to train, test and track their employees’ security awareness with adaptive and customised campaigns. 

Users are trained through interactive, animated and voiced tutorials covering all aspects of information security. The efficacy of this training is then tested through simulated phishing attacks and bespoke assessments. 


A management dashboard tracks all of this data, providing a snapshot of an organisation’s security awareness and generating cyber risk profiles across user, department and security topic.

Hut Six is able to effectively change employee behaviour; protecting organisations and measuring risk. 


Why your business should use Hut Six to mitigate hacks

Human error is by far the most prevalent cause of security breaches; yet only 20% of businesses have put their staff through any sort of cyber security training. Hut Six secures more potential threats than infrastructure alone.

  • 01
    Hut Six is customised to match your specific policies, providing your staff with relevant, accurate and definitive actions.
  • 02
    Hut Six integrates your branding directly into the training to remain critically central and focussed.
  • 03
    Hut Six releases an animated and voiced tutorial every two weeks which stays relevant and responds to current security threats.
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    Universal Messaging
    Hut Six uses real world security examples that is easy to understand and engage your staff.
  • 05
    Comprehensive Solution
    Hut Six manages your security awareness through cloud-based tutorials which allows customisation and relevant data to be updated without installing any new software.
  • 06
    Simulated Phishing Attacks
    Hut Six have a unique phishing simulator that tests your employees response to phishing attacks and analyses the data to assess your cyber risk.
  • 07
    Behavioural Change
    Hut Six designs campaigns around technical, social, economic, professional and personal arguments that all play a part in convincing people to change their behaviour.


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