Learnium is an educational technology platform that specialises in collaborative and peer-to-peer assisted learning.


Learnium is an educational technology platform that specialises in collaborative and peer assisted learning. It is Learnium’s mission to unite academia to encourage a better connected learning environment.

Learnium’s social learning platform is used in several UK universities and is now in the process of developing a collaborative engine for the vocational learning markets. 


By utilising the Learnium platform, Universities are able to increase student engagement levels which leads to better grades and improved rankings.

Learnium also delivers by up-skilling the workforce through bringing together learners, content providers and employers to deliver courses that benefit the community.


Why you should use Learnium for education and collaboration

Education is often associated with formal learning institutions, such as schools, colleges and universities. But for many people, it does not have to stop there. Learning can continue after formal education and skills education is a growing part of the picture.

Here at Learnium, we are big believers in ongoing workplace learning. We are dedicated to helping workers improve their skills, helping them become more valuable to an employer.

  • 01
    Enables peer teaching
    Learnium encourages enquiry, so students turn to each other for support and answers
  • 02
    Increases engagement
    Students who use Learnium are more engaged and interact longer with learning materials
  • 03
    Enables collaboration
    Break the boundaries of physical space, log in online and start collaborating immediately
  • 04
    No training required
    Built like a social network, you don’t need any training to get set up and started
  • 05
    Easy file sharing
    Drag and drop your files to your boards, posts and messages for quick and easy sharing
  • 06
    Saves time
    Avoid answering the same questions via email and post your answer on Learnium for all to see


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