New Platform to Help Beat COVID-19 Pressures

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New Platform to Help Beat COVID-19 Pressures

Businesses throughout the world are experiencing uncertainty in ways to beat COVID-19 pressures. Enormous demands are being placed on industry, Governments, individuals and households to adapt during this crisis.


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We All Need to Support Ways to Beat COVID-19

Coming out of this crisis will commence eventually. Still, at the moment there is no clear route to beat COVID-19, with differing opinions on how to deal with concerns like reducing social distancing measures, reopening businesses, supporting health services and dealing with strains within the community.

Individuals in the public and commercial space have opinions and ideas about how best to deal with this inevitable task, and these ideas circulate within inner circles and social media becoming siloed and silenced when they need to be heard, nurtured and potentially actioned urgently.

To this sole purpose, CulturVate has produced a particular version of their Got An Idea platform to help beat COVID-19 issues.

Help Beat COVID-19
Join us in providing your thoughts on how to beat COVID-19 post-lockdown

Launched in Wales initially, this platform is now gathering ideas and solutions to several potential issues that will become more apparent as social distancing measures begin to be relaxed and businesses attempt to get back to normal operations.

This platform is looking for all ideas from individual and commercial backgrounds, so decision-makers in local authorities and government are better informed with approaches from the public. These schemes and concerns will improve the situation for the whole country and give a better understanding of solutions that enable us to move forward together safely and steadily.

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  1. Rachel matthews

    Planning is key use this time

    3rd May 2020 at 6:15 pm | Reply

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