Talkative & Call-it Automotive

Call-It Automotive is a UK-headquartered provider of enquiry management and lead generation services to the automotive industry. CIA offers fulfilled chat, email and call enquiries on a 24/7 basis. With over 50 distributed contact centre agents, they average over 20,000 chats per month and cover UK, Europe and Middle East regions, with clients including independent dealers, franchised dealers and manufacturers.Their aim is to help automotive dealers to meet the growing expectations for personalised services by using the latest technologies and software solutions.

Driven by the desire to offer the automotive sector a professional service, Call-It Automotive are more than just a contact centre. Their focus is on the delivery of value added solutions, where they work closely with their customers to add a significant return on investment.

Why And How Do Call-It Automotive Use Talkative?

Call-It Automotive work closely with Talkative to offer their customers a live web chat and web calling solution that will help them to capture and convert more leads.

Talkative and Call-It Automotive are working closely together to make sure that all of the UI is fully customisable for each individual client. This is something that both parties see as being highly beneficial and one that allows each dealership to retain their own identity.

Another selling point was that Talkative’s solution allows Call-It Automotive’s agents to pass warm leads directly back to the dealer, in real-time. This means that dealers are able to concentrate on running their business.

What Benefits Are Call-It Automotive Seeing?

Nick Reisinger,
Managing Director

We were immediately impressed by Talkative’s holistic approach to website communication – being able to combine chats and webcalls is a real differentiator. We migrated a large number of clients from our previous supplier. It was a big step for us, however the transition was smooth, which included an integration into our custom lead distribution API. The reporting was set up to meet our internal SLAs, and the chat console has been continually refined to match our need for a high-performance agent experience, with some agents running over 10 concurrent chats! We now have 24-7 support, with issues solved quickly and efficiently from an agile UK-based engineering team.

Since the beginning of Talkative’s partnership with Call-It Automotive some significant data has been gathered such as; 56% of enquiries are made outside of UK office hours and 52% conversion rate from chats into qualified leads. This provides solid evidence of the importance of communication to increasing sales for dealers, and the showcases the growing benefits of the partnership between Call-It Automotive and Talkative.

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  • Summer 2017
  • Call-it Automotive