Sumoshift has developed a platform which allows businesses to capitalise on the emergence of the 'gig' economy.


SumoShift has developed a platform which allows businesses to capitalise on the emergence of the ‘gig’ economy.

Its smartphone app and website provides a platform designed to meet the growth in flexible working practices which are predicted to become over 50% of the total employment market within 10 years.

SumoShift connects flexible workers with employers whose labour requirements and shift patterns are volatile and unpredictable. The platform enables employers to access a community of flexible workers instantaneously.


Traditionally the labour market for flexible workers has been serviced by recruitment agencies which are costly and therefore impact salaries paid and overhead costs for employers. SumoShift enables employers to reduce recruiting costs and therefore offer improved wages which leads to better talent on offer.

By reducing the need for employment and recruitment agencies, SumoShift is able to create instant relationships with a community of flexible workers opening up recruitment services to new markets and a new breed of worker.

Why you should use SumoShift to connect employers and workers seeking flexible employment

A job platform modernising shift work as you know it. Instantly connect with thousands of temp staff
when you need them most.

Employers can choose their own staff and find a suitable candidate in minutes at a fraction of the cost of other recruitment services.

Temp workers can find shifts on their own terms and start working instantly. Manage all shifts easily and on the go from a mobile device. No interviews, application forms or recruiter assessments.


  • 01
    Create a profile
    No more CVs or cover letters, create one profile to apply for as many shifts as you like.
  • 02
    Find a shift
    Browse and receive real-time alerts of upcoming shifts in your area.
  • 03
    Apply for shifts
    When something suits you, apply, and go to work. We'll take care of the rest.
  • 04
    Complete your shift
    If your application is successful you will be notified and get ready for your shift!


  • 01
    Register your company
    Create your company profile in minutes and access the vast pool of industry workers in your area.
  • 02
    Publish your shifts
    Whether you need staff immediately or in the future, shifters receive real time notifications to meet your needs.
  • 03
    Recruit easily
    Watch the applications roll in and simply choose who you want to hire. We’ll do the rest so you can get back to what matters, running your business.
  • 04
    Complete the shift
    The shifter is informed of their successful application and attends the designated shift.


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