Surple is software that helps organisations to optimise their energy use by enabling people to change the way we view energy.


Surple build software that helps organisations to optimise their energy use. Through their platform, they are enabling businesses to change the way people view energy.

Energy is a resource neglected on a daily basis and such a huge amount is wasted by businesses each year. 


Surple visualises and maps energy usage against trends such as weather and footfall to identify and reduce the amount of energy that organisations consume.  They do this in combination with educating individuals on how to be more resource efficient. This reduces the impact people have in their own lives, in turn reducing their carbon footprints, saving money and improving efficiencies.

The UK government estimates that businesses could save up to £2bn through energy efficiency measures. Businesses in offices, retail, industrial, health and hospitality account for 71% of total energy consumption and Surple perfectly addresses the issues in these managed energy environments.

Why your business should use Surple to visualise and reduce energy use?

By enhancing energy management through an intuitive analytics platform, Surple offers organisations' visibility of their energy performance. Alongside this Surple help to develop behavioural change around sustainability through an engagement platform that gives employees the ability to understand their impact and learn how to reduce it.

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    Improve energy efficiency
    Surple's energy analytics tools offer a greater understanding of where organisation's consume energy and aids in pinpointing areas of inefficiency.
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    Engage employees
    Utilising research-backed methods to develop behavioural change, Surple's data-driven tools improve employee awareness and engagement with energy use.
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    Increase transparency
    Sleek dashboards and graphics allow effortless visualisation of performance for key metrics such as energy consumption and employee engagement.
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    Create sustainable businesses
    In a society where a third of consumers prefer to buy from sustainable brands, Surple helps you appeal to the growing demographic interested in ethical and sustainable practices.


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