Talkative connects customer-facing websites with contact centres through chat, voice, video and co-browsing.


Talkative is a technology startup company that connects customer-facing websites with contact centres.

Leading automotive manufacturers, high street retailers and financial services companies are using Talkative to enhance digital customer service and drive sales.


The Talkative solution brings real-time human communication into websites with a combination of voice, video, chat and collaboration technologies. The solution brings face-to-face customer service into websites, providing tools to make customer service teams more efficient.

Why you should use Talkative to convert website visitors Into customers

It is important in the 21st century to value your customers and enhance their online experience. Talkative enables you to embrace the website-based communication revolution of live web chat, web calling, video calling and cobrowsing.

Talkative believe in enriching and enabling humans, not replacing them.

  • 01
    Web calling
    Let your customers call you from within your website. Simply embed voice calling and receive calls to your existing phones. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads required.
  • 02
    Video calling
    One-way or two-way video calling embedded into your website, leveraging WebRTC technology. Seamless call centre integration and works alone or combined with Talkative’s other products.
  • 03
    Safe, secure and industry compliant interactions between your agents and website visitors. Annotate documents, show and help users with their website experience.
  • 04
    Live web chat
    Robust, user-friendly human-to-human communication channel. Seamless escalations to web and video calling. Fully customisable chat UI which integrates with your existing CRM.


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